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College Panhellenic Council at Clemson University


Recruitment Counselors

What is a Pi Chi?

A Recruitment Counselor, better known as a Pi Chi, is a member of the Panhellenic community who has chosen to disassociate from her own chapter to help unbiasedly lead a group of PNMs through the primary recruitment process.


She is…

  • Someone who is a positive representation of the Greek Community

  • Someone who will strive to foster a positive Panhellenic spirit before and after Recruitment

  • Someone who is a clear and confident communicator

  • Someone who values and respects diversity

  • Someone who understands that listening is often more important than talking

  • Someone who will be a valuable resource to the Potential New Members all at times

  • Someone who will be well-educated on all of the chapters on campus

  • Someone who will abide by the rules and respects and foster the same in the Potential New Members


She is NOT…

  • Someone who only wants to promote her own chapter

  • Someone who solely focuses on the social aspects of women’s fraternities

  • Someone who who wants to take away from the Potential New Member’s Experience by reliving her own recruitment


Purpose of a Pi Chi

  • To stimulate and maintain interest in joining a sorority

  • To make the Potential New Member feel she has a Panhellenic friend whom is working in her best interest and capable of guiding her relationships with chapters

  • To assist Potential New Members in adjusting to Clemson University and life away from home

  • To help make the recruitment experience an enjoyable and memorable one for the Potential New Members

  • To promote a positive attitude toward all Panhellenic chapters and the entire Clemson University Greek Community

  • To be available to a Potential New Member at all times to help them and offer guidance in a one-on-one situation

  • To consult the Head Pi Chi, the Vice President of Recruitment, or the Panhellenic advisor of any major problems

  • To explain and assist with the mechanics of Recruitment

  • To be a role model for Potential New Members as well as other Panhellenic women AT ALL TIMES!


What you need to know about your Pi Chi

  • You will meet your Pi Chi after Recruitment Orientation on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019.

  • She is SO excited to meet you! She has been training for this position for 8 months and could not be more excited to guide you through the Recruitment process.

  • Each Pi Chi will have between 15 and 20 Potential New Members in her Pi Chi group.

  • Your Pi Chi is a resource for you at all times! Whether you have a question about what to wear to rounds, how to get to a class, or you are struggling with adjusting to life away from home, your Pi Chi will be there for you before, during, and after recruitment.

  • Your Pi Chi has disassociated from her chapter to be an unbiased resource for you, please do not try to reveal her affiliation before she tells you on Bid Day.

  • Your Pi Chi was chosen out of a very competitive pool of applicants. We love her and hope you do!


Advice from Pi Chis: 

My favorite part of being a Pi Chi is getting to meet the girls going through recruitment. I love being able to form a long lasting bond with the girls from my Pi Chi group and being able to help them with college life even after recruitment is over. I love when I bump into them on campus and we can catch up while tell me all about how they love what chapter they are in and that I played a role in helping them make that decision.
— Pi Chi Catie
My biggest piece of advice is just to have fun with it. As a senior I can see how amazing the Greek community can be as a whole no matter what chapter you’re in. The important thing is finding the place where you’re the happiest and where you can make amazing friendships because I can guarantee being in a sorority (no matter which one) can be one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences.
— Pi Chi Allison
Genuine friends should be the number one thing you want from being in a sorority and being in college. Look for the sorority that will give you those lifelong friends. Also always be yourself. You want to join an organization who wants your honest, wonderful, beautiful self! Don’t be intimidated by the girls on the other side of the doors. They are young women just like you are who have been in your very shoes.
— Pi Chi Kate