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College Panhellenic Council at Clemson University


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Executive Council 


Panhellenic President

Mallory Magee


Hometown: Cape Cod, MA

Major: Mathematical Sciences & Secondary Education

Fun Fact: I am a ballerina and fitness instructor but I still eat ice cream everyday!

Favorite thing about Greek Life: I love that Greek life doesn’t just mean a home in your sorority but a real community that pushes you to be your best.

Georgia Loadholt.jpg

Vice President

Georgia Loadholt


Hometown: Columbia, SC

Major: Financial Management

Fun Fact: During my golf career I made two eagles!

Favorite thing about Greek Life: The opportunity for personal growth and development, while contributing to the betterment of the Panhellenic sisterhood.


VP of Recruitment Counselor

Stuart Burger


Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Major: Psychology

Fun Fact: In my free time I like to sing, play guitar, and write music.

Favorite thing about Greek Life: The ability to find a sisterhood that matches your personal values but also the ability to appreciate the values of the Panhellenic community as a whole.


VP of Recruitment

Lydia Shellenberger


Hometown: York, PA

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: My birthday is on Christmas Day!

Favorite thing about Greek Life: The opportunity to grow as an individual woman, leader, and friend.


Assistant VP of Recruitment

Harper Massey


Hometown: Wake Forest, NC

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: I work for the football team and I am getting a 2018 National Championship ring!

Favorite thing about Greek Life: I love Greek Life because it gave me the opportunity to get involved right off the bat and meet incredible people that would end up inspiring and leading me to become the women I am today.


VP of Philanthropy

Payton Lang


Hometown: Lexington, SC

Major: Women’s Leadership and Political Science

Fun Fact: I named my car Diana.

Favorite thing about Greek Life: I love that both sororities and fraternities do so much good in the community. I am very passionate and involved with Philanthropy and that is something I truly value about greek life.


VP of Finance & Administration

Savannah Pierce


Hometown: Dade City, FL

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: I studied abroad in the Balkans last summer!

Favorite thing about Greek life: It's a support system of amazing driven men and women who work together to better themselves and the Clemson community!


VP of Programs

Caitlin Patrick


Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Major: Economics & Political Science

Fun Fact: I love to travel and have been to 7 countries and 26 states in the U.S.

Favorite thing about Greek Life: All the relationships I've made in my own chapter as well as within the greek community.


VP of Public Relations

Lauren Mossburg


Hometown: Chesnee, SC

Major: Marketing

Fun Fact: I love to cook and I hope to one day write my own cookbook.

Favorite thing about Greek Life: I found a group of girls who are always encouraging me to be my best.