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College Panhellenic Council at Clemson University


Circle of Sisterhood


Clemson’s Panhellenic Community is proud to support the Circle of Sisterhood. The Circle of Sisterhood promotes the empowerment of girls and women by providing an equal chance for success and happiness through education. Our donations each year go towards eliminating illiteracy, disease, and domestic abuse. As part of the global neighborhood, we feel compelled to support those less fortunate both at home and abroad. We believe every girl should have the chance to go to school. 

We support Circle of Sisterhood through our yearly Circle of Sisterhood week as well as smaller events throughout the year. Members of the Clemson Panhellenic community also have the opportunity to support Circle of Sisterhood by traveling to a disadvantaged community to build a school for girls. Click here to learn more about the Trek!


If you would like to donate to Circle of Sisterhood, please Venmo Clemson Panhellenic, @CUpanhellenic with the memo, "Circle of Sisterhood Donation”. For information about writing checks or donating with card, contact Savannah Pierce at

I want every girl to know that her voice can change the world.
— Malala

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