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Clemson University Panhellenic Council



Joining a sorority means joining a sisterhood for life. The friendships formed during your time at Clemson are made stronger by the bonds of sisterhood. Chapters will host socials, sisterhood events, and philanthropy events to help familiarize each member with their sisters. 


Panhellenic sororities set high standards for their members. For the past 20+ semesters, the all-Panhellenic GPA has been higher than the all-women GPA at Clemson. Chapters help support their members academics through study hours, tutors, and mentors. 

Our sororities value leadership and encourage their members to become involved inside and outside of the greek community. Each chapter has positions and programs that allow their members to learn and develop their leadership, time management, communication, teamwork, and professionalism skills.  


Each chapter is partnered with a unique philanthropic effort, to which they donate extensive time and money. As a community, Panhellenic women support The Circle of Sisterhood Foundation. Together we work to raise money to remove educational barriers for girls and women facing poverty and oppression. In the Spring of 2019, we will send a representative from each chapter to Malawi, Africa to help build a school for underprivileged women.

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On behalf of the Panhellenic community, welcome to Clemson University! Clemson is truly a special place, and one that should be experienced to the fullest. Take this time to explore as many opportunities as you can, discover new hobbies & passions, and develop lifelong friendships. Being a tiger means being honest, respectful, and having integrity and we, the Panhellenic Community, strive to embody these values to the highest. Being Greek is an experience that students of all standings can benefit from. Whether you are entering Clemson as a freshman or you are nearing the end of your college career, the Panhellenic Community invites you to consider joining a Greek Organization. The Clemson Greek community constitutes nearly 25% of the undergraduate student population, and serve as top leaders, scholars, and philanthropists within our university. Sororities are the most active and diverse women’s organizations on campus and provide opportunities that have the potential to change your life. A common saying among Greek Organizations is, “It’s not 4 years, it is for life”, but these four years are truly like nothing else. We encourage you to check out our community and feel free to reach out with any questions you may have! On behalf of the Panhellenic community, we wish you a happy and successful experience at Clemson University!

- Mackenzie Tylka Panhellenic President