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Clemson University Panhellenic Council

Continous Open Bidding

Clemson University holds primary recruitment in the fall of each year, however, Continuous Open Bidding (COB) is an informal recruitment process where Panhellenic chapters can recruit up to campus total. Continuous Open Bidding takes place after primary recruitment in the fall and in the spring once campus total is reevaluated. COB is not a structured process and not all Panhellenic chapters participate in it. Panhellenic Exec will potentially hold a COB Open House early in the Spring Semester for women interested in COB, but it is ultimately up to each chapter how they conduct their COB process.

If you are interested in joining a Panhellenic chapter outside of fall primary recruitment, and are eligible to do so (see eligibility requirements below), please fill out the COB Interest Form provided by the link below.

Who is eligible for COB?

Any female at Clemson University who meets the following 3 criteria is eligible to participate in COB.

  • Enrolled as a full time student at Clemson University 

  • Has never been initiated into one of the 26 NPC sororities at Clemson University or any other college campus

  • Has not signed a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA) at Clemson University within the past year. If she has signed an MRABA, she must not have received a bid.

When is COB?

COB may begin once bids are distributed at the conclusion of primary recruitment (Bid Day) and shall extend through the last day of the spring semester. Total will be reevaluated at the begging of the spring semester which may change the number of chapters participating in COB.

Which chapters participate in COB?

Not all chapters will participate in COB. The intent of COB is to provide maximum opportunities for membership to the greatest number of chapters possible. Chapters under Panhellenic total (median chapter size) have the opportunity to recruit up to total. Therefore, if a chapter has 220 members and total is set at 225, the chapter can recruit up to 5 new members if they chose to do so.

How does Continuous Open Bidding work?

Since COB is a very informal process, it is up to the chapters how they will choose to recruit new members. Some chapters might have a few chapter members go out to eat with a potential new member. Some other examples of COB events might include a game night on a chapter's hall or bowling on the on-campus bowling alley. No matter what the event is, they are always relaxed, fun and a great way to get to know the chapter.

What does filling out the COB Interest Form mean?

This form solely shows that you are interested in learning more about COB and is a way to chapter recruitment teams to get your information. This form does NOT bind you to joining a chapter or to attending the recruitment events for every chapter participating in COB.

How is COB unique?

COB gives the potential new members a greater control over the recruitment process. Although not all chapters will be participating in COB, there is no formal registration, no required events, and no voting. A PNM does not have to attend any COB events if she does not want to. She can withdraw herself from the process with any chapter at anytime, and she can be offered a bid to a chapter at anytime. If primary recruitment did not work out, or you are looking for a more informal recruitment process, this is the perfect way to become a member of the Clemson Panhellenic Community. 

What are my options if I am offered a bid to a chapter?

If you are offered a bid during the COB process, you can either decline the bid or accept the bid. If you decline the bid, you may continue the COB process with any chapters you are still pursuing through COB, or you can choose to stop participating in the COB process. If you chose to accept the bid, you have 24 hours to sign a Continuous Open Bidding Binding Agreement which will be given to you by your new chapter and must be returned to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life within that time period. The COB Binding Agreement is binding until the next primary recruitment period.