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College Panhellenic Council at Clemson University


What My Sorority Means to Me

Panhellenic Association

A distinct nervous buzz of excitement filled the Tillman auditorium on a humid August night in 2016. I was exhausted from the first week of classes and completely overwhelmed with the sense of newness that I think every freshman college student experiences.

Cameron Gaubert

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Panhellenic Association

We’re glad you’re here! Welcome to Panhellenic’s Blog at Clemson University. Every Panhellenic women has a different story to tell and we are excited to share our Greek experiences with you. Whether you are a sorority member or contemplating joining a lifelong sisterhood you are at the right place. This Blog is a place to share sisterhood experience and to cultivate life long learning. We hope to share with you stories of inspiration and accomplishment, so stayed tuned for what’s in store.

Go Tigers & Go Greek